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Stop Police Brutality And Profiling
Against People With Disabilities

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Emmitt Thrower Producer/Director/Videographer/Playwright is a disabled retired NYC Police Officer and a Stroke Survivor who is blind in one eye. He is the Founder and President of Wabi Sabi Productions Inc. a small South Bronx community based Non Profit Production Company (Tax Exempt 501 c3) founded in 2005 in New York City. Their mission is to use the arts to address social/political issues and help develop our communities and youth in positive ways. We have produced theatrical events, musical events, digital films and documentaries. We have highlighted people and issues impacting upon the social, political or health issues affecting under served communities and our youth.  The "Where Is Hope" project is the first collaboration between disabled Poet/Activist Leroy Moore (The Black Kripple) Founder of Krip Hop Nation and Wabi Sabi Productions Inc.. 


Leroy Moore is a Black writer, artist, hip-hop\music lover, community activist and feminist with a physical disability. He is one of the founding members of the National Black Disability Coalition. He is also is the founder of Krip Hop Nation. Recently Leroy completed work on his book of poetry expected out in the near future.  He has always been a strong voice in action and words against Police Brutality and in particular as it relates to people with disabilities. He co-produced a CD mixtape on police brutality against people with disabilities entitled "Broken Bodies". 


DJ Quad of LA, who was paralyzed at the age of 16 is an Activist/Artist who Co-Produced the CD mixtape "Broken Bodies" with Leroy Moore created by Hip Hop artists with disabilities. He is one of the founders of 5th Battalion Entertainment out of the streets of Los Angeles California. He is a victim of police abuse and a consultant and resource on the "Where Is Hope?" documentary project and movement.

He has produced many artists in the underground scene in California, other parts of the USA, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Bolivia and El Salvador. In the 22 years of being in the music industry, he’s worked on many projects that now cover the wall in his studio. DJ Quad has been interviewed and featured in projects such as “Bringing The Heat” and “Thru These Tainted Eyes”, which are both DJ Quad’s solo albums. Other endeavors include “The Never Ending Battle” and “On Thee Attack” with 5th Battalion Entertainment, Krip-Hop Nation Vol. 1, 2 and 3, “Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities” with Leroy Moore, “Pass the Mic” A documentary with Sal Rojas of BrownPride.com and much more. He’s been featured in magazines such as Boca Magazine, Steelo Magazine, Color Lines Magazine and now blessed to be featured in Soul Central Magazine.

 La Mesha Irizarry Activist/Advocate/Mother Founder of the Idriss Stelley Foundation created for her son Idriss Stelley who was killed by SFPD on 6-12-01 at the Sony Metreon Complex. A 23 year old  youth with a mental disability that was violently murdered by Police of the SFPD. La Mesha herself is a person with a disability (neurological) yet leads the fight against police brutality from her California base. She works daily trying to put an end to the  increasing injustices of police departments across our nation against all people. She particularly is concerned about the onslaught of acts of brutality and Profiling against people with disabilities.


Tiny (aka Lisa Gray-Garcia) is a poverty scholar, revolutionary journalist, lecturer, Po' Poet and welfareQUEEN,  Mixed Race, Boriken-Taino, Roma mama of Tiburcio, daughter of Dee, and the co–founder of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE/PoorNewsNetwork. She founded Escuela de la gente/PeopleSkool- a poor and indigenous people-led skool  as well as the Po Poets Project, welfareQUEENs & the Theatre of the POOR to name a few. She is also the author of Criminal of Poverty: Growing Up Homeless in America, co-editor of A Decolonizers Guide to A Humble Revolution, Born & Raised in Frisco and currently working on her second book- Poverty SkolaShip #101- A PeoplesTeXt- In 2011 she co-launched The Homefulness Project - a landless peoples, self-determined land liberation movement in the Ohlone territory known as Deep East Oakland, CalifaZtlan, Turlte Island


Kalyn Heffernan is a wheelchair user MC/beat-maker/activist/educator/shit-talker who fronts the Denver band Wheelchair Sports Camp, Kalyn is 28 years old, weighs 53 pounds and measures three feet six inches tall. She’s light enough to carry, compact enough to hide under a winter coat and is sometimes mistaken for a child. But Kalyn, who has the brittle-bone disability osteogenesis imperfecta, is hardly innocent, precious, or inconspicuous. The band tours nationally/internationally and has been featured on the cover of the Village Voice as well as in SPIN Magazine, Huffington Post, High Times Magazine and more.


Keith Jones is the President and CEO of SoulTouchin’ Experiences. As an African American community activist and entrepreneur with cerebral palsy. As a strong advocate for independent quality living in the community, Mr. Jones has participated actively in various issues that face people with disabilities.  These areas include, but are not limited to housing, education, and voting access.  

Mr. Jones is also extremely active in multi-cultural, cross-disability education and outreach efforts and has performed training (including train the trainer) with the purpose of strengthening outreach efforts to provide services and information to people with disabilities.  Mr. Jones works to not only educate the disability community about enhanced community living, but also the community at large.  Mr. Jones holds a strong desire to get the disability community more involved in the issues that concern their own lives.

Mr. Jones provides outreach support in relationship to the arts and independent living skills. Mr. Jones has been recognized for his emerging leadership by the state of Massachusetts and President's Commission for Employment for People with Disabilities.  Also, Mr. Jones is the Disability Law Center’s 2011 Individual Leadership Award



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   Left to Right  Leroy Moore and Emmitt Thrower             Left to Right MC Dj "R Source"and Emmitt Thrower

             Kalyn Heffernan                                               Left to Right Kalyn Heffernan and Keith Jones

                   Keith Jones                                        Left to Right Kalyn Heffernan Emmitt Thrower Keith Jones


Left To Right Kalyn Heffernan, Emmitt Thrower (c), Keith Jones               Leroy Moore

 Lef To Right, MC Dj "R Source", Kalyn Heffernan, Emmitt Thrower,Leroy Moore, XXXXXXXXX , Keith Jones


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