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Posted by et34888 on September 4, 2015 at 1:25 AM

Where Is Hope: The Art Of Murder Help Resource Page

Organize Screenings & Forums In Your Area

a. Go to "Where Is Hope" website (HTTP://WWW.WHEREISHOPE.WEBS.COM) to read about the project & look at the film trailer, if you are still excited about doing a forum/screening


b. Download ANY IMAGES OR INFO as needed from our Press Package and Study Guide on

this site....


CALLS.....Talk to other activists in the area of disability and police brutality to see if there is

support in your area for an open forum/screening.

d. What we did in the San Francisco Bay Area was to connect with local orgs that we have

relationships with like Berkeley Copwatch, libraries, community base media and cultural venues

and asked them are they willing to host, do media and also collaborate with our open

forums/screenings (Most venues we approach were free just to keep the coast down).

e. Make your Rough Draft press release with the co-sponsors names on it (fill in date, times and

place after you know which venues are open to collaborate or be a sponsor). Take a look at our

press release to use as an example if you like.

f. Discuss time, day and date, tech needs, accessibility with the venue and make an appointment

to see the venue.

g. When the co-sponsor, venue, time and date are nailed down, then you can start making a

Facebook event page and start emailing press releases or packets (by Snail Mail and email) to the


h. Two weeks before the event make sure you know how to show the movie (online) as well as

the venue's ability to show film from online source. DO A TEST BROADCAST AS SOON AS

POSSIBLE with the venue who must have a computer, Projector, Screen or Large TV and a

good wifi connection.

i. Make sure you know in details of how the event will go. Write a set program to guide you.

(Example) Who will introduce the film? Do you want to show the movie first? How would you

maintain control of the open forum? Will there be a facilitator or Host? Will you video tape it?

(Plan that ahead of time with your videographer/Photographer...(We would like some

images/Video for our website and youtube channel if available). Will you have surveys for

participants to fill out ANONYMOUSLY? (We can help with an example of a survey sheet).

Will you have a sign up sheet? Will you provide a table for information for participants to take

home? These are just some things to think about in your organizing your Screening/Forum. You

can also just do a screening or a Forum only. There are lots of ways to help spread the word and

participate. Every little bit helps our cause. BE CREATIVE (You can even do events for an

online screening and everyone can discuss in an online forum or chat (Youtube is great for this).

For additional guidance please feel free to contact us.

j. On the day of the event get to the venue early. At least an hour prior to start time to set up and

do another test on tech like computers, microphones, projector, wifi,etc. Set up info table and

arrange chairs,etc for how the room will look. Assign someone as the official Greeter to

facilitate getting people into the seating and comfortable.

k. These are some basic guidelines. You will add any other requirements for your event. GOOD

LUCK. Let us know how your event went by contacting us here after you have successfully

completed your event..


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