Where Is Hope?

Stop Police Brutality And Profiling
Against People With Disabilities

          Police Brutality and Profiling Against People With Disabilities



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 Emmitt H. Thrower (USA),

Where Is Hope: The Art of Murder, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Disability Issues


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Documentary Feature



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Emmitt H Thrower

Winner of the B.R.I.O Award 2016

Media Arts for the film "Where Is Hope: The art of murder 



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Emmitt Thrower & Leroy Moore provides

"A Hands on Workshop Experience Artistically"

around the film's topic, police brutality against people with disabilities.


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On 12/3/15 Andy Smith, Professor at University of California Riverside! ........................She wrote..............
Yay! I survived my first 500 person Intro to Race/Ethnicity class. It seemed to go well. Interestingly, the section that seemed to make the biggest impact was the one on race and disability, esp for the conservative students. I had one very right-wing student who kept writing about how everyone in Black Lives Matter should be arrested. But then Leroy Moore's presentation and film, Where is Hope: The Art of Murder, dealing with police brutality against people with disabilities, showed him the error of his ways. It seemed that a disability analysis enabled them to see racism as they hadn't been able to before. More evidence that disability needs to be completely integrated into Ethnic Studies.’ “

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UC Berkeley and ED Roberts Campus

Screening and Forum 2016

"Now Captioned"





Where Is Hope

"The Art of Murder"


 A film on Police Violence

Against People With Disabilities



 Co-Producer , Leroy Moore 


                          Produced by Wabi Sabi Productions Inc

                               Directed by Emmitt H Thrower


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                            Police Brutality and Profiling Mix-tape

POEPOES - Toni Hickman

No Respect- Fi Pb (Featuring Bib Figgaz, Eclypse & Kounterclockwise)


Profiling and police brutality are  topics very close to the hearts of those that contributed to the just released Police Brutality Profiling Mixtape - the new CD compilation of krip-hop artists that is now available at Amoeba Berkeley and will soon be in stock at Amoeba San Francisco. The new pro civil rights compilation is a joint production of 5th Battalion  Entertainment in Los Angeles and the Berkeley based Krip-Hop Nation that is headed by Leroy Moore

Krip Hop Nation links hip-hop artists with disabilities around the globe and to date, under Moore's direction, has produced several previous compilations of krip-hop artists. But this one is the first to thematically tackle the topic of the (mostly unspoken) often unhealthy treatment of people of color with disabilities at the hands of police. Moore says that discrimination by police, as well as violence, are all too common and hence the inspiration to put together this new collection. Album collaborator DJ Quad, who is a part of 5th Battalion in LA, is a person with a disability who frequently falls victim to profiling. A Latino who is confined to a wheelchair, DJ Quad (his name is inspired by quadriplegic) has had many unnecessary run-ins with the law that he explains on the new CD in both a spoken word track and a music track.

"We've all experienced it. So the album is based around police brutality against people with disabilities - minorities," said Leroy Moore at a Berkeley coffee shop recently. He noted how police make the assumption that any black or Latino in a wheelchair is a gangbanger who got that way as the victim of a gun shot. "The cops thought that way with DJ Quad, but he was not shot. He was surfing one day and had an accident and got disabled," said Moore. Meanwhile, the duo Kounterclockwise also contribute two tracks to the new CD including "Neil Latson's Story," which is the story of how an autistic man was arrested by the police and taken to the lock up. Another standout track is Toni Hickman's heartfelt song "PoePoes" that also features Big Yo & Thorough.



       Producer DJ Quad  5th Battalion


           Broken Bodies CD Mix-Tape








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